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Old Friends and a Previous Life

I've had a trip down memory lane recently, working on books that connect with a previous life. When you look back, doesn't it seem that your life is actually a series of different lives, and sometimes it's hard to see how they fit together?

Way back in the 80s, I was a young commissioning editor at a specialist publisher and I received a letter from Jane Greenoff (above) who was keen to write a book about cross stitch samplers. We met at her home, new daughter in her arms, and the first of many plots were hatched. Jane also introduced me to fellow stitch designer Sue Hawkins (below).

(For more information go to: Jane's website

and  Sue Hawkins website)

Little did we know that the three of us would continue working together for decades, after I struck out on my own, and when Jane started the Cross Stitch Guild. I was editor of the Guild for years, and developed its first website in 2000 (hard to remember now but at that time websites were new and rather a leap into the future for a small business).

It was natural that my company Vivebooks would publish books by Jane, Sue and The Cross Stitch Guild. So, in 2009 we published The Cross Stitch Guild Design and Pattern Book, a collection of projects by Jane and Sue featured in the Cross Stitch Guild magazine 2001-2006. Looking at these designs now, it's fascinating to see how they have passed the test of time, and just how wide a range of themes/styles and techniques is covered. Jane's designs are mostly cross stitch with some other counted techniques. Sue is the needlepoint expert, often creating 3D projects.

In 2011 we published Jane's ebook on Hardanger, a stitch technique with which she had become widely associated. It requires you to cut the fabric threads to produce the trademark lace-like holes in the fabric so can be a little scary, but Jane knows just how to simplify the techniques and take away the anxiety: hence the title Hardanger for the Horrified.

I've had rather a nostalgic few weeks working on preparing these old friends for their new life on this latest Vivebooks website. I'm sure they will be met warmly. 

Here are a few projects from the The Cross Stitch Guild Design and Pattern Book


and a few from Hardanger for the Horrified.

Hardanger projects

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