Vivienne Wells

Why has Vivebooks returned to selling online?

Vivebooks has returned! After 2 years without an online store, it became clear that there is still an audience for our ebooks on arts/crafts. Luckily, Shopify provides an economical and simple way of reaching our customers directly. 

At Vivebooks we have been producing digital titles since 2006, which was even before the term 'ebook' was in use. Originally, we published on disk because that was the prevailing technology. We then moved into PDF format with embedded video, sold from our own website.

To simplify our ebooks, we are now (2024) moving into another stage. We are removing the embedded video and replacing that with links to private video clips on YouTube. This works seamlessly, reduces the size of the file to be downloaded, and enables the reader to have multiple video clips running at any one time. 

Vivebooks is owned and run by Vivienne Wells, helped immeasurably by husband Trevor Wiggins and four cocker spaniels! We are a small company, dedicated to our authors and customers - and we love to hear from you. 

As of February 2024 we have a few titles available, starting with Corset Making by Julia Bremble, and One Simple Stitch by Helen M Stevens. We will be adding more as we convert them over the next few months. There will also be new titles. 

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