One Simple Stitch - remastered

One Simple Stitch - remastered

Way back in 2011 we worked with Helen M Stevens on her seminal embroidery ebook: One Simple Stitch. We have collaborated again to make it available once more, in updated form for 2024. Probably the best way to describe it is to use Helen's own words, from her newsletter to her readers. For anyone hoping to learn embroidery, this ebook is a great place to start.



Helen M. Stevens

New, remastered and updated edition, 2024


In this great e-book Helen teaches a whole new approach to embroidery. She simplifies it to such an extent that everyone will want to try.”  The Sewing Directory

A great advance in embroidery technique books with the video instruction, it is much easier to follow and understand than any book I have read.”  Karen Platt’s Book Reviews

“ONE SIMPLE STITCH is a very good embroidery lesson, the technique is simple, and the designs are very impressive. The lesson itself is first rate; the six designs are beautiful and exceptionally clearly described… This is an excellent e-book.” Popular Patchwork

Helen writes:

First published in 2011, when I created ONE SIMPLE STITCH it was in response to hearing, so many times and from both novice and accomplished stitchers, “Oh, but I could never do THAT”.  As you can see from just a few of its reviews, above, both the concept and format gained approval!  But time and technology move on, DVDs become outdated and methods of enjoying video evolve and change. Colour charts need updating to match manufacturers’ latest shades.  It was time for a complete overhaul and a new edition – with a stunning cover image showing just one of the six projects in the book.

Other projects begin at the beginning with a simple design and progress to a more complex, multi-effect subject, all using just the ONE SIMPLE STITCH …




Vivebooks’ original, stunning layout of both illustrations and text remains unchanged, but now, with fast, direct links to YouTube you can, if you wish, run several video screens simultaneously, with just a key-stroke between each, enabling you to watch the progression of the technique lessons with greater continuity.




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 Once you have enjoyed the e-book, you can develop your embroidery skills further with the One Simple Stitch Collection of epatterns. There are 15 in the collection, and the first three are now available from the Vivebooks Store. 

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