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One Simple Stitch by Helen M Stevens

One Simple Stitch by Helen M Stevens

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In One Simple Stitch, ebook with video demonstrations, Helen M Stevens proves that if you can work one simple stitch, you can embroider . . . and work all the projects in this ebook. Since first published in 2011, this ebook has remained a bestseller, bringing the joy of embroidery to many people, the Helen M Stevens way.

And you don’t even need lengthy step-by-step instructions. All the information you need is encompassed by a template, a colour chart and a unique ‘directional diagram’. Armed with these three weapons, and one simple stitch, you will slay the dragon which has held you back from working true embroidery. And with no counted thread techniques, there’s no counting either.

So sit back, enjoy the text and the videos and prepare to become a confident embroiderer. All with ONE SIMPLE STITCH. This ebook includes links to videos of Helen M Stevens demonstrating the stitches and techniques.

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Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s Helen traveled widely in the UK and internationally to teach and lecture, visiting Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, often at the request of Fine Arts and Embroiderers’ Guilds.  Exhibitions featuring her work included events at Sydney Olympic Stadium (Aus), the Camberwell Brown Art Gallery (USA), and St. Johns University, Newfoundland (Canada). Her website has online exhibitions, galleries, cards and calendars. She also has many thousands of followers on her Facebook Group where she creates wonderful projects and activities. 

Once you have enjoyed this ebook, develop your embroidery skills further with the One Simple Stitch range of embroidery epatterns.

One Simple Stitch – why is it so good?

a great advance in embroidery technique books with the video instruction, it is much easier to follow and understand than any book I have read‘ – Karen Platt’s Book Reviews

In this great e-book from Vivebooks/Rainbow Disks Helen teaches a whole new approach to embroidery. She simplifies embroidery to such an extent that everyone will want to try.

Helen shows you that there is no need to know fancy stitches, or to follow complicated stitch guides, instead you work from a template (which you can print from the book) and a directional guide and use just ‘one simple stitch’ to make all the stunning projects in this book.
The book includes useful video clips showing Helen demonstrating the techniques used in the book.‘ – The Sewing Directory

brilliant format . .really useful . . .The video segments are really short and specific, in this case perfect for illustrating Helen Stevens’ one-stitch embroidery techniques close-up. One Simple Stitch is a very good embroidery lesson, the technique is simple, and the designs are very impressive. The lesson itself is first rate; the six designs are beautiful and exceptionally clearly described. There are tracing images, colour charts, stitch direction charts and finished images for every design, as well as detailed stitching instructions for each. This is an excellent ebook. – Popular Patchwork

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